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what do you actually do?

In short, we have a collection of lovely things that we hire out for events, photo shoots, and commercial productions. While an a la cart approach works for some, others are looking for a more collaborative approach. For our clients who lean towards a “it takes a village” approach, we offer styling services to suit your needs.

What if I don’t know what I want?

That’s ok, we can help. Whether you just need a little help pulling together the 100’s of inspo pics you’ve collection , or are just starting out and don’t know where to begin, we can help. We offer several styling services ranging from consultation to full design and execution. Learn more about our Styling Services by contacting us.

How do I reserve the pieces I love?

Booking our rentals and services requires a signed proposal (contract) and a 50% non-refundable initial payment.

I’m interested in renting, how does this work?

For those who know what they want, just go to our Rentals page and create a wishlist by selecting the items you are interested in and submit with some additional information. We’ll create a custom proposal based on the info you provided. When everything looks good, you reserve your day and our pieces by signing and returning the proposal (contract) with a 50% non-refundable retainer.


About 4-6 weeks prior to your big day, we’ll reach out to discuss logistics so that we have a surprise free day. One week prior, we’ll touch base and fine tune the delivery and pick-up plan.

What if I know what I want and have a date, but don’t have a venue / location yet.

 First, We love that you love our pieces and want to make sure you reserve them for your date.  Without a location, we can provide you a high level rental quote.  The location of your event impacts our delivery, labor and possibly other fees. Please understand that the quote will only be as accurate as the information we have.  All quotes are subject to change based on new information.

When should I book?

Because we are a boutique business, we don’t carry many of the same items. So our advice is that if you’ve got your eyes on something specific, the sooner the better. We typically see reservations as far out as a year.

How do I get pricing for your rentals?

Because every event is unique and our client’s needs differ, we’ll create a personalized custom quote for you.  Our quotes are based on a variety of factors such as: the items, # of items, time of year, distance to and from our warehouse, set-up / break-down needs, location, time of day, and service levels.

To request a quote, just go to our Rentals page and create a Wishlist by selecting the items you are interested in renting  and then submit. We’ll create a custom quote based on the info you provided.

I understand that pricing is customized, but I need to get an idea so that I can plan my budget.

Lounge Packages: $1,200+

Sofas: $450 – $550

Loveseats / Benches: $150 – $450

Accent Chairs: $60 – $300 

Accent Tables: $25 – $150 

Buffet & Servers: $100 – $450

Décor-Large: $25 – $500 

Décor-Small: $5 – $100

Arches, Arbors & Chuppahs: $200 – $800

Backdrops & Walls: $150-$1,200

Bars: $300 – $450

Do you deliver and set-up?

Yes we do that… but better!

We deliver and place your rentals exactly where they need to go and we pack and pick them up. As part of every order we’ll ask for a site map that illustrates exactly where and how V&P rentals should go so there are no surprises the day of delivery.  Please keep in mind, that installation is not that same as styling, so if you need extra help putting all the details together and styling, we offer a V&P styling package.  Ask us for details.

Our delivery fees are based on mileage, size of the order, installation labor requirements, time to and from the venue. Additional fees may be assessed depending on delivery / pick-up time, venue policies, late night pick-up fees.

What if something happens to your rentals?

Oops !!  We know that life happens. We add a 10% Equipment Protection fee to our rental orders. The fee covers normal wear and tear, cleaning and general maintenance. The fee does not cover shortage, loss of items or damage due to improper, neglectful or abusive use of items.

If an item is returned damaged, we will charge you what it costs to clean, repair, reupholster or replace the item. Typically, the  repair /replacement cost can be up to 5X the rental cost.

What about rain ?

Our rental items must be protected from weather at all times. You are responsible for ensuring your rentals are safe and stored in a dry location for the duration of your contract, Be sure to have a rain plan as a back-up  Our team will not deliver or pick-up in inclement weather where our items or our staff run the risk of damage or injury.

How long do I have my pieces for?

Our rentals are for the day of the event. Delivery and pick-up logistics will depend on venue parameters, our delivery schedule, and your needs. Typically, we allow for delivery and set up the day before the event, a full day for the event, and a day for take down and pick up. We do offer same day drop off and pick up if needed. Please always discuss delivery and pick-up requirements with your venue.

Do you have a minimum order?

Our minimum orders are based on distance. (not including delivery, setup and pickup fees) during peak weekends, popular event months/time of the year, holidays and/or venue locations.


Up to 30 miles: $250

31-60 miles: $500

60-99 miles – $1,200

100+ miles – $2,400

What if my event is cancelled?

Please understand that if your event is cancelled for any reason, the reservation retainer securing your favorite rental pieces is non-refundable. Prior to 60 days of a scheduled rental reservation event date, a client may cancel their rental reservation contract and not be responsible for the remaining final balance.  The payment of the rental reservation retainer is non-refundable at any time. Cancellations for any reason after the 60 day period prior to a client’s event date require the final balance be paid in full, despite your event cancellation.